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Stickflick Premium Wood Kururin Spinner Toy – Safer, Funner Classier - Single

Stickflick Premium Wood Kururin Spinner Toy – Safer, Funner Classier - Single

$ 9.95

Play solo to cure boredom, fight anxiety, or improve your focus OR play with others socially as an ice breaker or bar game. We include silica pads for each end so you can play on granite or other slippery surface with ease. Newbie – First flip the Stickflick from left to right to get the hang of rolling it. Then, try making shapes such as triangles, squares, or even rectangles Intermediate – Graduate to the Flip and stick, where you catch the Stickflick after a roll and ‘freezing’ it either with your hand or against another object. Pro – Move multiple flip sticks in tandem or even by pulling a sheet of paper from under them and letting them simultaneously roll As a group – Flip the Stickflick back and forth to see who breaks the rhythm Try seeing who can get closest to an edge with falling over, even better over drinks and snacks.

  • Very assessable skill toy, which can be picked up by anyone ages 3 to 100, the name says it all... you just flick it and it rolls and rolls due to it's unique Japanese inspired shape.
  • Want to be a trendsetter? This is the next fidget spinner, which magically continues rolling when tipped over. Want to see? Check out videos online for Kururin tricks.
  • Safer alternative to fidget spinners that have small metal parts that have been accidentally swallowed by children. Safer, but also so much fun.
  • Great toy for adults and kids alike, on the desk or in the school yard this toy defies all age boundaries and is amazingly portable.
  • Made entirely of quality hardwood and designed with class and integrity.
  • 1 Padauk wood Stickflick.




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