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Wholesale Kendamas

Wholesale & Dealer Kendama Accounts
Are you interested in making extra cash by selling Kendamas?
Are you looking to purchase Kendamas at wholesale prices and retail them in your store?

Are you looking to expand your product line and add Kendamas to your retail store?

Are you organizing an event and want to include personalized Kendamas as a give away with your logo or message?

Are you interested to become one of our Kendama retailers?
We accept bulk orders at discounted prices. We supply kendamas to a wide range of companies, organizations, and event promoters with wholesale kendamas and pills in many different colors, sizes, and finishes.  You name it, we have it! We also have the ability to make custom kendamas with your own logo.
Steps to Get Started:
1. Email info@kendamanation.com and we will send the additional information and documents required to become a dealer. This will include an application and a wholesale price list, we will respond to email with 24-48 hours. If you are a State of Washington business, a valid reseller permit is required.
2. Once we receive the appropriate documents back, your account can be approved and active immediately and start purchasing wholesale kendamas. 

We look forward to working with you!

Kendamanation Sales & Wholesale Department