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Kendama Tricks

Basic Kendama Competition rules:

Two competitors confront each other one-on-one and perform waza (techniques) alternately. They continue as long as each competitor performs a waza as well as the other competitor. When one competitor successfully performs a waza, but the other competitor does not perform the same waza correctly, the successful competitor wins the bout and moves up the competition ladder. Tournaments are carried out according to this rule.

  • Around the Block: Big cup-small cup-base cup
  • Around the World: Big cup-small cup-base cup-spike
  • Frying pan/crossbar: Land ball between sarado and spike
  • Slip on Spike: crossbar to sliding spike
  • Earth Spin: spike to flip back on spike
  • Around Indonesia: Spike- Big Cup- Frying pan/Crossbar- Spike
  • Around Japan: big cup-small cup- spike
  • Around the Europe: big cup-spike-small cup-spike-base cup-spike
  • Around U.S.A: big cup-spike-Earth spin-small cup-spike-Earth spin-base cup-spike-Earth spin
  • Bird: balance ball between spike and big cup
  • Nightingale: balance ball between spike and small cup
  • Midnight/Handlestall: balance ball on the ring of the Ken (under base cup)
  • Lighthouse: balance base cup on ball
  • Airplane: swing ken to land spike while holding the ball
  • Spike: Pull up ball to stab down spike
  • Gravity: Big cup, swing kendama over head while keeping the ball in the cup.
  • Over The Valley: Bird, Nightingale, spike
  • Lunar: Balance on big cup while holding the ball
  • Barrel: Balance on small cup while holding the ball
  • Solar: big cup to base but hit side of the base cup swinging it all the way around to base cup then spike.
  • Stilt: bird while holding the ball.
  • Ken Flip: Catch ball on cup, flip kendama in mid-air, and catch ball on any cup, spike, bird etc. (you can use only one hand)
  • Whirl:start with the ball on one hand start singing it clockwise let go, catch the kendama, repeat one more time, then land the ball on the base cup (while you're doing this, you are only using one hand ONLY!)
  • Acrobatic: Put ball on spike then swing,Catch kendama in the air then land on base cup.
  • Orbit: Big cup then toss the ball up while moving the ken around the ball, landing back on the cup.
  • Mars Spin: Earth Spin, but sideways.
  • Jumping Stick: Airplane, then flick the ken, making a back flip motion, landing back in the hole.
  • U.F.O: Jumping Stick, but sideways.
  • Underbird/Deadbird: Balance the ball under the cup (Opposite of bird).
  • Stunt Plane: Upside down Airplane
  • Spacewalk: swing the ken in a full circle and catch the ball/ken landing on cup/spike.
  • Finger Roll: Spin string around finger from ball to ken (Vice versa).
  • Hand Roll: Spin string around hand from ball to ken (Vice versa).
  • Finger Spin: Catch ball on big cup and spin the whole kendama in a 360 on your middle finger as its placed on the bottom of the small cup.
  • Zero Gravity: Spike the ball and spike the whole kendama around your finger as the ball is still on spike.
  • Border Balance: Balance the spike of the ken on the ball.
  • Faster than Gravity: Hold the ken above the ball and pull the ken as fast as you can to spike it. (Don't bounce the ball nor bend the knees).
  • Moonwalk: hold the base cup and swing back, swinging the ball forward, catch the ball and repeat. Then catch the ken landing the ball on any cup.