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About Kendamanation

It is all about premium Kendamas. From micro and standard kendamas to Jumbo Kendamas. Name it and we have it. Kendamanation are based in the US and we made sure that all kendamas go through thorough inspections and approvals. Most of our kendamas are made out of 100% Beech wood but we are also starting to offer other types of wood. We guarantee hours of fun and play for this very addictive Japanese skill toy. Showcase your talent and skills and be sure to ask somebody to video your tricks so you can watch and improve your kendama skills. Although, we have different sizes of kendamas, the standard size kendama is usually the best weight and size you can start of as a beginner. Please visit our standard kendama page for more info.

Customer Service is our number 1 priority so if you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure that you'll get taken care of.